Gorgeous & Lush Blooms for Any Occasion

bride and groom with bouquet

Weddings & Special Events

This is your big day and we’d be delighted to bring style, beauty and vision to your event.

With over 15 years of experience, we’ll ensure your florals are perfectly arranged and presented using fresh, seasonal blooms and lush greenery. Our beautiful Dutch-inspired designs means your flowers will be unique and memorable.

bride bouquet brick wall
flower arrangement tin vase

We’re up-to-date with recent trends and palettes and we take on only a limited number of weddings and big events every year so we can provide the care and attention you deserve. Contact us today to discuss.

Funerals & Celebrations of Life

We believe that all celebration of life flowers should reflect the personality of the person who has passed.

For instance, if your loved one enjoyed gardening, we’ll design a natural, garden-inspired arrangement. If your loved one had a big personality, we can create a colourful statement piece. If your loved one was quiet and introspective, we can design an arrangement with soft and muted tones.

purple flowers
bouquet orange flowers dark background

By designing with care and personalization, our arrangements stand out as thoughtful and reflective pieces that celebrate the person who has passed and honour their grieving family. Contact us today to discuss.